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See the invisible - Do the impossible

Impossibilities and miracles are our birthright.

If you do even a casual search on the internet for 'feats of extreme strength', you see how some people have saved friends and loved ones by lifting cars and trucks; some even in excess of 1600kg. This is not something even a well trained body builder could achieve naturally. Yet it happens.

Science tries to discount these stories as lies, but there is plenty of evidence to the contrary. The problem science has: they just cannot explain it.

In the bible we read the story of a man called Samson. When the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, he would become super strong.

Judges 14:6 says: At that moment the Spirit of the LORD came powerfully upon him, and he ripped the lion's jaws apart with his bare hands.

You see here that it was not just his natural strength which performed the impossible, but the Spirit of God at work in him.

Have you ever wondered if your current paradigm, or the way you view the world is hindering you from looking at what the Lord could do in you and through you?

God says: nothing is impossible for those who believe. He tells us that we can speak to a mountain and cause it to jump into the sea.

For some people this is nearly impossible to accept. Their personal experience in contrary to the word of God. When they speak the word, nothing happens. So in order that they can feel good, they argue that Jesus must have meant in a 'spiritual' way and he did not mean a literal mountain. However, in doing that, they are also nullifying the word of God.

In Romans 8, the bible says that the natural mind is at enmity with God and it cannot accept God's law. What are God's laws? They are the promises in Christ.

For those who are filled with the Spirit of God, are the sons of God. We need to start agreeing with what God has said and acknowledge that nothing is impossible for those who believe.

Our minds need to be reprogrammed!

The bible says: Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve the will of God - his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Let us see the invisible

So we can do the impossible

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