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Revv Browne - Biography

Revv Browne and his wife Beverley were born and raised in Trinidad and Tabego. They have been married for over 25 years and have 3 children. They currently live in Banbury, UK.

Beverley's passion is music and she is an inspiring singer & song writer with a zeal for worship. She attended the Caribbean Mission Bible School and is a powerful woman of God.

Revv is a family man, who is passionate about pursuing the will of God in his life. Demonstrating the love of God by caring for those who are sent across his path. He is a Spirit filled and gifted minister of the gospel; providing wise counsel, prophetic ministry, discernment, healing and deliverance.

He carries a non-religious, Kingdom focussed message.

Having heard the call to preach at age 14, Revv has spent his life following that call. He attended Faith Revival Ministry Training school and the Caribbean Mission Bible School. He was later sent to minister in St. Vincent and would hold revival meetings, preaching the gospel with healing and deliverance.

After this he travelled throughout the USA as a conference speaker and apostle. Also internationally in other places like Israel, Nigeria and Spain.

In 2002, the family felt called to come to England and they spent a number of years in Oxford. The family moved to Banbury in 2007 where they set up their charity 'Gyfted' Global Youth for Talent in Diversity. Gyfted works with young people, helping them to discover their gifts and talents.

The fellowship which grew around this group goes by the name of 'The New Anointing Apostolic Ministries'. It's aim is to bring the great news of the gospel in a non religious way so that everyone, everywhere, can see God in a new and true light, untainted by traditions and religion.

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