Be a star

We live in a world full of 'stars', pop stars, film stars, football stars, TV Celebs, you name it. The bible also has it's star roles lined up.

Dan 12:3 Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever

I want to challenge you today to see yourself in the context of this verse. In fact I beseech you to make this a priority in your life.

I want you to ask yourself a question and take some time before you answer it.

Is there still a need for God in this modern world?

When you answer this question don't just use one word, but use your story to help others to understand why the world needs God?

Have you considered that you are the advertisement for God and His Kingdom? You are called to be the hand writing of God on the wall, to bring change and bring the expression of God into the world. The challenge is that we are afraid to offend, because talking about God is not popular. We don't think our friends want to hear about Jesus, but consider that in actual fact your friends NEED to hear about him.

Why do I think the world needs God? Well, just look around you. The problems in the world these days are not our technological advancements. The problems are what they have always been through the ages; people problems. People are suffering, people are lost and without hope, living in fear and pain. They need God because their problems cannot be solved by a gadget or a new TV series.

God calls ALL OF US to share Him with others - it is not just a job for the Evangelists among us - it is up to all of us.

When you go into a place, bring the spirit of excellence which is upon you. Be the excellent self which you are in Christ. Bring 'God manifest' to work with you.

Daniel is a perfect example of how he brought God and the Kingdom into his secular world. God gives all of us gifts in order to express Him. To some he give the ability to be apostles and in the work place they can provide leadership and governance in business as well as in the Kingdom. To some it is given to be pastors, but when a pastor works in a job, they can bring management, structure, support and growth of the people in his/her team. As a prophet, you can speak vision and bring change with Godly solutions to complicated problems. You are to be a blessing to the world around you.

Problems are opportunities to bring out the excellence of God.

He will bring the right solution.

Live as the person you were created to be and you will be amazed at what will happen!