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Becoming, Growing, Changing

I was watching YouTube the other day and saw a brother preaching hellfire and brimstone on the streets of London. He was saying he was against 'this and that sin' and it made me wonder how we share the gospel with people around us.

The truth is, it is easy to be against something. We can all say we hate this, that or the other. But this is not the redemptive message of the kingdom. And what is worse, all this negative stuff comes back to use with a boomerang force. If you give more attention to the thing you dont want, you will see it pop up everywhere. Try for example googling 'I don't want to see a red car'. What will turn up in your search - nothing but red cars! So when we share the message of the gospel, the first thing we should take away is this:

Preach the good news of the kingdom, which is a message of forgiveness and grace. A message that lets you know that whatever your situation, there is a way out. As you focus your attention on Jesus, you will find that your life will change. The hold of sin in your life is loosened and you will find yourself changing so that the things which were once interesting, no longer have the same appeal.

So how does Jesus share the message? He shares stories that his audience can relate to. As the jews at the time they were an agricultural society, Jesus spoke about sowing seeds and catching fish.

Now if you read the parable of the sower, you will see that Jesus acknowledged that in spreading the message of the gospel, we would come across certain situations. He told us some of our seed would be eaten by the birds. Meaning we would come across people who outright refused to accept the message, but we should just keep sowing and not divert our attention to chasing birds. There would be those whose ground would be hard and they would accept with joy, but soon fall away again, because they had not roots. Again, it happens - just keep sowing. The more he gets the message out to people, the more success he will get.

To get the yes' that you need, you have to keep sowing until you have had enough no's. The more you do, the more you get. Keep sowing and the law of averages will have your back.

One last thing to keep in mind is that even once a seed has fallen in good soil, it will take time to grow into something that can bear fruit. It does not happen overnight.

If I were to plant a mango tree in my backyard, it would take maybe 3 years to even start bearing fruit. Don't get impatient and give up if it takes long to manifest. In the meantime, you might have to plant some quick crops to survive, but ultimately you mango tree will pay off.

So don't lose heart, keep sowing, keep going, don't give up!

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