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The power of a seed

Over the last few weeks we have been discovering how God calls us to a productive and fruitful life. I have also shown you, how the Lord has already given us all things in order to achieve that.

What are those things? They are the spiritual technologies and instructions which are buried in His word.

Some christians would say: 'You just have to believe, have faith and trust.' They are expecting God to throw a fully loaded fruit tree from heaven into their lap. And when their 'believing, faith-ing and trusting' does not produce the results they are looking for, they are sorely disappointed.

Instead I have been teaching you, week after week, that it works a different way. I have been showing you how God has already given us complete instructions and spiritual technologies. When these instructions and technologies are applied, they WILL cause us to be productive and fruitful.

So what appears like a miracle to the untrained eye is actually the application of the instructions and spiritual technologies which have been there all along.

The problem though for many christians is this: they do not read their bible. And when they do they do, they do not act on what they learn. This will always keep them unfruitful.

Imagine you are in your house. Would you know where you keep your hoover? Or would you know where to find a towel and how to use it? Or maybe you are looking for some cello tape - would you know where it is and what to do with that?

It is the same with the bible. Do we know where the tools can be found and do we have the instructions on how to use them properly?

So I want to challenge you, read your bible with new eyes. Discover which spiritual technologies and instructions are there for you to use and start acting on them.

Liken it, if you will to a seed. A seed for a tree contains all the instructions for the whole tree. All it needs is for that seed to be buried in the ground and watered. Then the seed will start to unfold and grow into a fully grown tree, grown from the pattern which was inside the seed. Eventually and it will carry fruit after its own kind and produce more trees.

There are christians who have learnt to 'work the word' and they are seeing results. You will hear them testify of Gods goodness. There are also christians who seem to be unable to make the word work for them, because they see the seeds and they never put them in the ground. So even though they have an orchard worth of fruit trees in the palm of their hands, they will never taste the fruits.

I tell you, there is no room for a boring christian life. Your heavenly father is the source of all creation and science is still trying to catch up with Him. He can give you new ideas, new fashion, new ways of doing things. If he gives you a seed of an idea - something with a new DNA. Invest that seed, put it in the ground, water it and see it grow into something the world has never seen before!

Talking about trees and seed, some people think that their lives are bound by their genetics and their upbringing. They say things like: 'it is in my family'. But I am here to tell you that you no longer belong to that old family tree, with their familiar fruits and results. No, you have been grafted in to the tree of God. And that tree is the tree of life. A tree which produces many different kinds of fruits.

You need to re-write your story. Don't wait for a great day to come along before you take action. Decide that today is the day which will be great. Life will change for you when you change. For example, decide that you will double your income this year. Just make the decision and then start looking around you to see how you can do it.

The bible tell us in Job 22:28. What you decide on will be done and light will shine on your ways. (or in some versions it say: Decree a thing)

Use the technology, which God has given you. The imagination to picture the future you want, your word to decree that thing and speak it into existence and finally the courage to take action.

Information, mixed with a bit of faith and courage goes a long way.

If you look at the way God created the world in Genesis you can see how it works. God had a world in mind (in his imagination) - next He speaks - then stuff happens. In the same way, you are made in Gods image. You imagine how it will look, then you speak it into being and stuff will happen.

Many christians, when they think about godliness, they think too fluffy. They think about kindness, generosity, love, truth and other things like that. Godliness however, is also about power, about authority, about leadership and creation.

We have to break the cycle of making it all about 'being' and begin to take action.

Ecl 11:6

Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.

Wealth for example is a planned result. You don't become accidentally wealthy. When God is talking about wealth, He is talking about real-estate, he is talking about agriculture, about life stock and servants. This is not spiritual talk. Don't spiritualise everything. God is speaking to you about these things because He wants you to be able to take it to the bank! Wealth is not coming to you from the sky, but IDEAS come from the Spirit. There are thousands of ideas going through your head every day. Surely you must be able to capture just one of them.

Ideas are likes seeds - don't you forget it.

So what are you planting today?

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