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Teamwork - dreamwork

Today is about the power of a team.

When God wants to bless you, he brings people into your life. He gives you the opportunity to build a team around you.

For it to really work, you cannot force people to be part of your team. They have to want to be part of it. Being part of a team will mean being willing to make adjustments in your modus operandi, in order to accommodate others.

In Acts we read that when Timothy went on his mission trip with Paul, he was circumcised. Not because he needed to be so, in order to be saved, but in order to be more effective in his role as a missionary. He wanted to be part of the team and in order for the team to be successful he had to be willing to adapt.

The family structure is a perfect example of how team can work. Each has their own position in the team and each brings their own strengths to the group. Team is built on trust. If a team cannot trust each other, they cannot move forward. There is a speed in trust.

Who do we trust? Do we look inside our family, or do we look in our church or do we look around us for those we can trust.

Team can be very powerful in a church situation. They can be pulling together, pooling their skills and achieving great things together. There is synergy as they pull together to get things accomplished. However if even one person is not in sync, it can mess the whole thing up.

This is a powerful dynamic, which should make you cautious of hanging the success of a team on just one key person within. When that person leaves, or falls down, then the whole team can be sunk in an instant.

God very much rates the power of team. He designed things like that. In the bible you can read this in Deut 32:30:

One will put a thousand to flight, two will put ten thousand to flight.

Again you see this principle in the new testament in Matthew 18. Jesus says:

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done by my Father in Heaven.

There is certainly a principle in the power of team that we would do well to take to heart. So ask yourself: who is part of my team? Who has God given me to work with? What is my role in other people's teams and what adjustments am I willing to make when called upon.

Or as John Donne said in his famous poem:

No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent,

a part of the main.

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