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Future proof - divine intelligence

The future is moving toward us at an ever increasing speed. Technology is moving incredibly fast and there are discoveries around the corner that will change the face of society as we know it. The exponential rate at which things are changing is likely to have big implications for our future. The question is, how can we be prepared for a future like this? Artificial intelligence is changing the job market and our knowledge is outdated before we have even finished our education?

Should we just shrug our shoulders and give up now, or should be start tapping into the superior intelligence of the Holy Spirit to help lead and guide us into to this brave new world.

God's creative genius is all around us. We have yet to catch up with His vast knowledge and understanding of the world.

When God created Adam he gave him a mission to accomplish. He told him to subdue the earth. It was Adam's job to make the earth produce like it is supposed too. In the same way it is our job to do the same. The bible says that the whole creation is groaning for the manifestations of the sons of God. Why is that? Because creation is suffering and we, through the spirit of God, have the answers.

So how does God dispense this divine intelligence to people? It is through the Holy Spirit. 1Cor 12:4 says He gives diversities of gifts. The gifts of the spirit are for the profit of all. (not just christians)

God chooses to operate through us, not because we are perfect but because we believe in him and we are willing for him to work through us.

One of the gifts of the spirit is speaking in tongues. This seems like a weird gift to be given. You cannot understand what you are saying and it seems a bit of a mystery as to how to use it. However, this gift is given for your edification. It is the Holy Spirit depositing some things directly into your spirit. When you pray in tongues, you are tapping directly into the mind of God for a person or a situation. It is a powerful tool. We would do well to use it often.

Who knows what the Holy Spirit will deposit into your heart and mind. Maybe it will be the cure to cancer, or the answer to global warming. Spend time in prayer, ask for wisdom, pray in the spirit and see what happens.

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