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Artificial Intelligence

When we read the bible we see factual stories, we see parables and we also see prophetic parts. The prophetic scriptures are where Jesus or one of the disciples reveals some part of what will happen in the future.

In Matthew 24 we see such an occurrence in the bible where Jesus is explaining what will happen in the future. He describes in detail the destruction of the temple, which happened a mere 70 years later when the Romans completely flattened the temple and literally not one stone was left on top of the other. It was a terrible time, just as Jesus had prophesied.

In other parts of the bible we also see prophecies regarding the more distant future. For example in Daniel and in Revelation you can read some pretty mind boggling things.

When John wrote down the revelations that he had received, I am sure he had no idea what he was seeing and equally Daniel was baffled. I however see how technology is advancing to the point where some of these statements are not quite as 'out there' as they once were. Take for example the statement from Revelation chapter 1, where John says:

"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of him." So shall it be! Amen

In the days when John wrote this, it was impossible to imagine that the whole world would be able to see anything at once. Yet now it is common place for everyone to see 'live' any unfolding news story from around the world.

You see articles in the news that scientists are trying to transplant human consciousness into artificial bodies. They are trying to make themselves immortal.

Another thing is the rise of artificial intelligence. More and more computers are learning and they are growing in the ability. They expect that Artificial Intelligence will start to take over many of our jobs, in the same way that robotics took over manual labour. But maybe the agenda is for AI to become more than that. It is all about trust. For example, a few short years ago, if you had to travel somewhere, you had to find a map and plan a route and drive there. Now we simply trust Google Maps to take us there. Blindly following its every instruction. That is trust.

In the same way, they are developing AI which can diagnose disease and treat you like a doctor.

Did you know, there is a man in the States, who is very involved in AI. He has recently declared a new religion. He called it 'The Way of the Future'. On his blog post he wrote. If we are faced with an intelligence which is superior to ours by billions to one, then we have no alternative but to call it God. So he is calling us to 'worship' and trust AI to safely guide us into the brave new world.

Elon Musk, Entrepreneur and industrial leader is most concerned about AI. He said: 'We are summoning a demon' and this is the question I would like you to ask yourself. What is the spirit behind the rise of AI. It is supreme independence from God. Or in other word it is Anti Christ.

It is my belief that our God has an intelligence that far outshines any fake intelligence that exists in the world. Our God, our Father offers that intelligence to us in the form of His Spirit who comes to dwell in us. We need His Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us and fill us with all wisdom in this time of constant change. We need this divine wisdom to make decisions about our future.

God knew what would happen in our time thousands of years ago. God is not worried about AI. He still wants to reveal his plans to us today and He will if we seek him. Ask Him to show it to you.

Bless you!

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